The man behind Rocket Lab, Peter Beck - Orbit 11.30

August 4, 2018

Peter Beck joins Jared in studio to talk about how Rocket Lab came to be. We dive in to what it took to start the company, challenges they have had, what Rocket Lab is setting out to do and a whole lot more.

We opted to run the on-demand show in the order it aired, so news is after the interview this week.

Launch Minute:

  • Long March 3B Launches Beidou Satellites
  • Long March 4B Launches Gaofen 11
  • Nexo II Copenhagen Launch

    Space News:

  • Rogue Planet Aurorae
  • Astronauts Assigned to First Commercial Crew Missions
  • Impact Rays Explained
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What’s missing to get humans to Mars? - Orbit 11.28

July 15, 2018

We have our scheduled roundtable this week, voted on by the Citizens of TMRO. Jared hosts and asks, "What are the missing pieces needed to get humans to Mars?" This turned in to a really lively discussion and we would love your comments below or on our new forums at


  • Launch of Progress MS-09 on New 4 Hour Trip to Space Station
  • Long March-2C launches PRSS-1 & PakTES-1A
  • Long March-3A launches BeiDou-2 satellite

Space News:

  • Ghost particle traced to its source!
  • Crew Dragon Update
  • Oumuamua is a confirmed non-icey comet?!

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Creating a Starship Culture with Gateway Foundation - Orbit 11.27

July 8, 2018

John Blincow and Dr. Tom Spilker join us to talk about the Gateway Foundation and their plans to design, test and build the Gateway Spaceport. If you're interested in helping volunteer your time and talents to making the Gateway real, head over to for more information

Space News:

  • An Eruptive Enigma Solved on Mars
  • Kepler In Safe Mode
  • A Generic Headline Concerning A Study Confirming Uranus' Formation But The Headline Is Devoid Of The Obvious Joke
  • More Hope for Life on Other Worlds
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Enjoying a cup of coffee in space - Orbit 11.26

July 1, 2018

Jeffrey Ayers of Death Wish Coffee joins us to talk about the caffeinated payload they just sent up to the International Space Station aboard SpaceX's CRS-15.

TMRO has an incredible history with coffee. When we were Spacevidcast the whole show was produced at the back of the Crow River Coffee Company, we had our own blast off blend coffee and Adam (Cafn8ed) directed the show. We are excited for a time when coffee is a regular part of a space journey. Along with many other creature comforts we take for granted today.


  • Long March 2C Launches 2 Secret Demo Satellites
  • Falcon 9 Launches CRS-15

Space News:

  • Hayabusa in the sky with diamonds
  • Spacewalks and Falcons and Space Force, Oh My!
  • Stealth Comet
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The evolution of galaxies with Dr. Charles Liu - Orbit 11.25

June 24, 2018

Dr. Charles Liu joins us to talk about the observable evolution of galaxies, quasar hunting and has some inspiring words about science communication.


  • Russia Launches GLONASS-M Satellite

Space News:

  • Einstein you genius
  • B-b-b-blackhole and the jets
  • The EU is taking down the trash
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The different personalities of the JPL rovers - Orbit 11.24

June 17, 2018

JPL Science System Engineer Kim Steadman joins us to talk about some past, present and future missions that JPL has sent to Mars and beyond. We touch on Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, the upcoming Mars 2020 and the different personalities each rover has. We sprinkle a little Juno and Cassini in there for good measure as well.


  • H-2A Rocket Launches IGS-Radar 6  Spy Satellite

Space News:

  • Opportunity LOS
  • SpaceX is planning even more facilities at KSC
  • Axiom Space Announces Private Astronaut Expeditions
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Humanity amongst the stars with Isaac Arthur - Orbit 11.23

June 10, 2018

Futurist Isaac Arthur joins the cast of TMRO to talk about humanities future amongst the stars as well as living in a simulation, faster than light communication and galactic intelligence.


  • Falcon 9 Launches SES-12
  • Long March 3A Launches Fengyun -2H
  • Soyuz Launches new Space Station Crew

Space News:

  • Curiosity Confirms Complex Organics on Mars
  • Northrop Grumman completes Orbital ATK acquisition
  • Pluto Has Sand Dunes, But They're Made of Methane
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Orion Span’s Aurora Commercal Space Station

June 3, 2018

Orion Span's CEO Frank Bunger joins us to talk about their upcoming commercial space station: Aurora. Frank also dives in to his larger vision of the future: humans living and working in the cosmos.


  • Long March 2D Launches Gaofen-6

Space News:

  • Curiosity Resumes Drilling
  • Remembering Alan Bean and Don Peterson
  • Jets seen by Rosetta caused by comet’s strange shape
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Riverside Telescope Makers Conference - Orbit 11.21

May 27, 2018

We have Space Mike at the @ISDC 2018 Expo and Jared at the @RTMCAstroExpo 2018 Astronomy Expo! Jared sits down with Martin Carey and Travis Holmes to talk about citizen astronomy.


  • Long March 4C Launches Queqiao Lunar Relay
  • Antares launches Cygnus OA-9 mission to ISS
  • Falcon 9 Launches Iridium-6 and GRACE-FO

Space News:

  • Grande-sized black holes
  • More former GXLP teams have announced future landing plans
  • RocketLab "It's Business Time" update
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Moonshot Space - Orbit 11.20

May 20, 2018

Troy McCann of Moonshot Space joins us this week to talk about the non-profit Moonshot Foundation, MoonshotX Accelerator and Gemini Ideator. You can follow Moonshot Space on their website at or via Twitter at @moonshotspaceco


  • China OneSpace launches first private rocket

Space News:

  • First Light for TESS
  • Wall-E's first picture
  • A Carbon-Rich Asteroid in the Kuiper Belt
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