Sailing the stars with light #LightSail - Orbit 11.41

October 21, 2018

Mat Kaplan (@planrad) joins us to talk about the Planetary Society, LightSail 1, 2 and beyond. Jared and Mat dive deep in to why the Planetary Society matters and how it can impact you!

Launch Minute:

  • Long March 3B/YZ-1 Launches Beidou-3 M15 & M16
  • Atlas V launches AEHF-4
  • Ariane 5 launches BepiColombo

Space News:

  • Most massive and oldest blob of galaxies has been discovered
  • Rocket Lab building new launch pad at Wallops
  • Supernova time, but this one formed a BINARY
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Why study something we can’t see? #DarkMatter - Orbit 11.40

October 13, 2018

Dark Matter and Dark Energy make up over 80% of the universe and yet we still don't fully understand what they actually are. We are joined by Sophia Nasr AKA @Astropartigirl to talk about why dark matter is important to physics.

Launch Minutes:

  • Falcon 9 Launches SAOCOM 1A
  • Long March 2C Launches Yaogan 32
  • Crewed Soyuz suffers launch failure

Space News:

  • Hubble and Chandra vacation together
  • Air Force awards launch vehicle development contracts
  • Blackholes aren't dark enough
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On demand shooting stars - Orbit 11.39

October 7, 2018

Want to take your event's wow factor up a notch? Astro Live Experiences (ALE) will soon be able to create on-demand shooting star shows as well as on-demand aurora. It's a new way of utilizing space for incredible art and entertainment. Added bonus, it helps grow the space industry via launches and infrastructure while also getting people talking!

Launch Minute:

  • No launches this last week :(

Space News:

MASCOT Landed and died on Ryugu

  • The Goblin pointing the way to Planet X
  • SLS rumors point to grim future
  • RNA liquid crystals could explain how life started on Earth
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Can we actually do that? The future of Space Law - Orbit 11.38

September 30, 2018

While Space Law may not sound super fun on the surface, it is one of those things that will directly impact our ability to explore the cosmos. Who is allowed to own what parts of space? What happens if someone is injured by your space debris? Space Law Advisor to the Secure World Foundation Chris Johnson joins us this week to talk over some of the things that the aerospace industry needs changed and maybe a few things you have never even thought of before!

Orbital Launches:

  • Ariane5’s 100th launch
  • Kuaizhou 1A rocket

Space News:

  • Differential rotation speeds observed in other stars
  • More Vulcan stuff.. but this time it’s a rocket
  • Martian moons' origin stories EXPOSED (kinda)
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Why send artists to the moon on BFR? #dearMoon

September 23, 2018

This week we have an epic panel to talk about the recent #dearMoon announcement including Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut, Emory "VaxHeadroom" Stagmer, Dr. Niamh Shaw and Astronaut Nicole Stott. We focus on the impact of the recent announcement by using a trip around the moon and art to inspire humanity in a totally new way.

We went in to a more technical discussion of BFR in After Dark and have made that available immediately to everyone here: -- If you like content like that consider contributing to the show at

Launch Minute:

  • Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle - NovaStar-1 and SSTL S1-4
  • Long March 3B - Beidou navigation satellites C33 and C34
  • HII-B - HTV-7

Space News:

  • Astronomers discover planet like Vulcan!
  • JPL Troubleshooting Data Glitch on Curiosity
  • Giant net catches Cube Sat
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Making money from space junk - Orbit 11.36

September 18, 2018

Astroscale COO, Chris Blackerby, chats about the money to be made from space junk, and how we can leverage these space resources for the benefit of humanity.

Launch minute:

  • Falcon 9 | Telstar 18
  • Delta II | IceSat-2

Space News:

  • Orion completes final parachute test
  • SpaceX, NASA, and JAXA all have Lunar plans
  • Opportunity's 45 day clock begins ticking
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How NanoRacks can put anything you want in space - Orbit 11.35

September 8, 2018

NanoRacks CTO Mike Lewis joins us to talk about all of the different things they are working on, including how they launch stuff from the International Space Station, they are building a docking collar and Lunar Gateway plans!

Launch Minute:

  • Long March 2C | Haiyang-1C

Space News:

  • USGS Gets Serious about Space Mining
  • Chinese Launch Startups are growing fast
  • Lunar Swirls Point to the Moon's Moody Past
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Masten’s Lunar Ambitions - Orbit 11.34

September 1, 2018

Dave Masten of Masten Space Systems joins SpaceMike to talk about his current fleet of vehicle and plans to do more than just flags and footprints on the moon.

There were no launches this week

Space News:

  • OSIRIS-REx and New Horizons' targets are in sight
  • Leak at ISS detected
  • Our Solar System Is Nothing Special
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3D Printing in micro gravity with Made In Space - Orbit 11.33

August 25, 2018

If humanity is to have a permanent presence in the cosmos, we will need to learn how to create parts and structures in space itself. MadeInSpace is working on 3D printers that work in micro gravity and this week we have Justin Kugler, Business Development for Advanced Projects join us to talk about their vision of the future.

Launch Minute:

  • Vega | Aeolus
  • Long March 3B | BeiDou-3 M11 & M12

Space News:

  • Water Ice Found on Lunar Surface
  • SpaceX Updates - Crew access to Load and Go
  • Why Jupiter's Stripes Are Only Skin-Deep
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The big deal about SmallSats - Orbit 11.32

August 19, 2018

Emory Stagmer (@VAXHeadroom) and Craig Elder join us in studio to talk about the recent SmallSat conference and what the big deal about small satellites actually is.

Launch Minute

  • Delta 4 Heavy Launches Parker Solar Probe

Space News

  • NANODIAMONDS in space
  • Cosmonauts play "Toss the CubeSat"
  • Earth material more common than we thought

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