From Rocket Bikes to Starhopper - Orbit 12.02

January 13, 2019

Peter Beck joins us today to chat how Rocket Lab will ramp their launch cadence in 2019, and how it just may have all started with a rocket powered motorbike. We also take bets on when SpaceX's next generation test rocket, the Starhopper, will fly. When do you think we'll see it launch?

Topics covered today:

  • SpaceX Starhopper and Crew Dragon Demo Mission-1
  • OSIRIS-Rex mission begins orbiting asteroid Bennu
  • Peter Beck (Rocket Lab CEO) chats Rocket Bikes and Rocket Lab's 2019 plans
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How Hubble helped Ultima Thule - Orbit 12.01

January 5, 2019

The New Horizons flyby of Ultima Thule is an amazing extension of the spacecrafts original mission -- But did you know that almost didn't happen? Find out how Hubble saved the day thanks to a creative use of director's discretion.

No more launch minutes! Those are moving to their own segments that will be released on Fridays prior to the show! Live shows will be conversations with guest interviewees and guest hosts!

Topics covered today:
Ultima Thule Mission
China's Chang'e-4 mission on the far side of the moon
LaunchPad Astronomy with Christian Ready - @launchpadastro

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2018 Cosmic Wrapup - Orbit 11.50

December 23, 2018

Mike, Cariann, Jared, Jade, Benjamin and the community of TMRO take a look back at our favorite cosmic events of 2018 and look froward to 2019.

Launch Minute:

  • Electron | ELaNa 19
  • Soyuz ST-A | CSO 1
  • GSLV Mk.2 | GSAT 7A
  • Long March 11 | Hongyun-1

Space News:

  • 2018 in review
  • Looking forward to 2019
  • New Horizons and Ultima Thule are about to get REAL CLOSE
  • Astronomers find most distant Solar System body to date
  • Soyuz MS-09 Crew makes it home Safe
  • Faint glow generated by galaxy clusters helps map dark matter
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Turns out we have a very soggy Solar System - Orbit 11.49

December 16, 2018

Former NASA Deputy Chief Technologist Jim Adams joins us for story time. We talk about the planetary status of Pluto, the Kármán line, how moist the solar system seems to be, microbial life on Mars and so much more!

Launch Minute
Everything scrubbed this week... But get ready for next week with SIX scheduled launches! Yikes!

Space News:

  • Welcome to Space, Spaceship 2
  • Cosmonauts perform Soyuz Surgery
  • Voyager 2 is interstellar
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Searching for the secrets of Bennu - Orbit 11.48

December 9, 2018

Xtronaut Chief Science Officer and Principle Investigator for the OSIRIS-Rex mission Dante Lauretta joins us to talk about NASA's Mission to Bennu as well as his new STEM card game on Kickstarter: Downlink -


  • Soyuz FG | Soyuz MS-11
  • Falcon 9 | SSO-A
  • Ariane 5 | GSAT-11
  • Falcon 9 | CRS-16
  • Long March 2D | SaudiSat 5A and 5B
  • Long March 3B | Chang'e 4

Space News:

  • Moist Mysteries from Space
  • Russia to the Moon by 2040
  • New Planets
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Mars Landing Sites, Exoplanets and 3D Bio Printers - Orbit 11.46

November 25, 2018

Michael Clark, Sarah Vincent, Jade Kim, Benjamin Higginbotham, Cariann Higginbotham and Jared Head join us for a round table about space geekery! This week we chat about Exoplanets and their tools for discovery, Russia sending a 3D Bio Printer up to space station, Mars 2020 landing site has been chosen and Mars goo is great for your face!

Launch Minutes:

  • Long March 3B | Beidou
  • Vega | Mohammed VI-B
  • Long March 2D | Shiyan 6
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NASA’s Breakthrough Prize - Orbit 11.45

November 18, 2018

In our space news roundtable this week we talk about NASA's unfunded Space Act Agreement with the Breakthrough Prize Foundation, Exploding Magnetotails, mass extinction in Atacama due to rain and what that means for Mars, animal reaction to solar eclipses and NASA vs China in the race back to the moon.

The roundtable this week is run by Jared Head with Michael Clark, Sarah Vincent, Athena Brensberger, Jade Kim and Cariann Higginbotham.

Launch Minute:

  • Electron | It's Business Time
  • GSLV Mk III | GSAT-29
  • Falcon 9 Block 5 | Es'Hail-2
  • Soyuz-FG | Progress MS-10 / 71P
  • Antares 230 | Cygnus NG-10
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Mars soil and water want to kill you - Orbit 11.44

November 11, 2018

We continue the round table format. Trying to tighten it up a bit but still make it conversational. This week we have Sarah Vincent, Michael Clark (in studio,) Benjamin Higginbotham, Cariann Higginbotham and Jared Head all leading the discussion. And of course YOU, the community of TMRO!

Launch Minute:

  • Soyuz | GLONASS
  • Soyuz | MetOp-C

Space News and Conversations:

  • Europa's Plumes Are Confusingly Cold
  • New research into Mars' perchlorates
  • Parker Solar Probe Completes Perihelion No. 1
  • Floods on Mars
  • SpaceX tests new recovery ship, spacesuits and simulators, and Elon teases mini-BFS
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Goodbye to Dawn and Kepler, 8K video from Space and Soyuz FailureInvestigation - Orbit 11.43

November 4, 2018

We tweaked the roundtable news format a bit. Still working on timing for this as clearly we're going suuuuuuuper long. But fun nonetheless. Lisa, Mike, Cariann, Jared and Benjamin nerd out over the latest comic happenings while interacting with the community! Would love your feedback and what we're doing right and wrong here.

Launch Minute:

  • Zhuque-1 | Weilai-1
  • Long March 2C | CFOSat
  • H-IIA | GOSAT-2
  • Long March 3B | Beidou-3 G1Q/GEO-1

Space News:

  • First 8K footage from space
  • Goodbye Dawn, Goodbye Kepler
  • Investigation completed on the Soyuz MS-10 launch failure
  • Science at 28163 km per hour - ISS Science Update
  • Yep, We've Got A Black Hole
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Hubble’s fate, Mars Cubes and space brains - Orbit 11.42

October 28, 2018

This is the episode of the season where we have the ultimate answer to the life universe and everything! I had also been eager to try a new news format that was more round-table and conversational. Since there was no standard guest this week we made it happen! Let me know what you think in the comments. A bit long, but overall I liked it!

Launch Minute:

  • Soyuz 2.1B | Lotos-S1 | Kosmos-2528
  • Long March 4B | Haiyang 2B

Space News:

  • NASA is preparing for Hubble's return
  • This is your brain on space
  • NASA seeking Lunar Gateway Cargo Delivery
  • Hayabusa-2 prepares for Ryugu touchdown
  • Major first step for Pluto Orbiter Mission
  • First Image of Mars taken by a CubeSat
  • Virgin's LauncherOne and SpaceShipTwo edging closer to space
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